RC Construction WA Pty Ltd has a duty of care to ensure that all employees are fit for work while on our work sites or undertaking activities on our behalf.

RC Construction recognises that an individual’s fitness for work may be affected by a number of factors, including but not limited to the adverse effects of fatigue, stress, alcohol or other drugs and through its Integrated Management System (IMS) manual and associated processes shall provide a framework and guidance to manage these complex and often sensitive issues.

Our commitment is to:

  • Take all reasonable precautions during the recruitment and employment phases to ensure that employees and contractors are free from risk of injury or illness caused by themselves or others not being fit for work
  • Maintain access to an employee assistance program that provides employees with options for dealing with issues that could impair fitness for work.
  • Ensure that all employees deemed unfit for work are dealt with in an effective, fair and constructive manner.
  • Provide and maintain employee awareness of the relevant policy and procedures.
  • Monitor compliance with and enforcement of this policy and any associated procedures, including drug and alcohol testing.
  • Promote responsible behaviour amongst our employees.
Fitness Policy