RC Construction WA Pty Ltd is committed to providing quality products, services and innovative solutions which meet and exceed, where reasonably practicable, our customers’ expectations from initial inquiry through to final delivery and/or implementation. Quality assurance is seen as a critical and market competitive advantage to our business.

We will strive to ensure the effectiveness of these products, services and solutions through the implementation and continual improvement of our quality management systems by;

  • Maintaining confidence in the reliability of our products and services by establishing quality control systems that ensure product consistency and service delivery.
  • Establishing quality criteria in the design and development phase to ensure product consistency, performance and safety.
  • Implementing an audit and review process that ensures compliance with legislation and standards, meets the organisations’ objectives and targets and ensures continual improvement.
  • Providing appropriate personnel, infrastructure and systems resources to ensure the quality system’s effective implementation and continual improvement.
  • Ensuring the needs and expectations of our customers are clearly understood and achieved by encouraging continuous feedback from our clients.
  • Ensuring our employees are competent to perform their required tasks through ongoing education, training and supervision whilst promoting opportunities to develop their potential further.
Quality Policy