RC Construction is committed to delivering all Projects under it’s integrated Health, Safety and Quality management plan which compiles with current occupational safety and health legislation in West Australia. To ensure health, safety and environmental objectives are surpassed during all our construction phases our management plan ensures the following minimum requirements are successfully completed prior to commencing any work activities:

  • All staff and crew inducted to ensure compliance with the safety legislation within WA.
  • Individual safety responsibilities.
  • Hazard identification inspections.
  • Robust incident reporting process.
  • Drug and alcohol screening.

RC Construction recognize our people are integral to our success and are our greatest assets. We take a proactive approach to safety, health and environmental at all levels to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people.

Our moto at RC Construction is “Safety, simplicity, success”

  • Safety – Putting health and safety first, doing what we say we will do.
  • Simplicity – “Keep it simple” focus our efforts on keeping it simple and not over complicating things.
  • Success – This is achieved when “everyone goes home safely” everyday.