Coalseam Rd Bridge ProjectInfrastructure

About the Coalseam Rd Bridge Project, we, the RC Construction company, are proud to announce our comprehensive scope of work. Specifically, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services that cover a vast range of tasks. All desired to provide that the Coalseam Rd Bridge Project is a resounding success. Our scope of work contains the following:

  • Installation of reinforcement (130 Tons)
  • Supply and Installation of Formwork to Abutments, Pier’s and Headstock
  • Installation of precast plank edge protection
  • Installation of all deck concrete
  • Placement of In-situ Structural Concrete (2800m3)

Client: Fortec Australia

Owner: Main Roads Western Australia

Scope: Concrete Works Packages to Bridge 3019

Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia