KML Stacker ProjectResources

The RC Construction scope of work at the KML Stacker Project is extensive and involves multiple tasks required for the project’s success. The first task is bulk earthworks, which include preparing the construction site by removing leftover soil and debris. The second task is detailed earthworks and backfill to all structures, which involves the creation of foundations and ensuring that they are properly secured before building on top of them.

Thirdly, the scope of work includes the supply and installation of structures reinforcement, a critical step in ensuring the structures remain stable over time. The project also needs the supply and installation of formwork for all structures, which involves the design of temporary moulds into which concrete will be poured and allowed to be set.

Finally, the project will also involve the arrangement of in-situ structural concrete. This consists in pouring concrete on site to create the necessary structures. Altogether, the various tasks outlined in the RC Construction scope of work at the KML Stacker Project demonstrate the complexity of the project and the expertise required to complete it successfully.

RC Construction’s scope of work at KML Stacker Project consists of the following:

  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Detailed Earthworks and backfill to all structures
  • Supply and Installation of structures reinforcement (120 Tons)
  • Supply and Installation of Formwork to all structures
  • Placement of In-situ Structural Concrete (1250m3)

Client: Karara Mining Limited

Owner: Karara Mining Limited

Scope: Civil & Concrete Works Package

Location: Geraldton, Western Australia