Sami Bitumen Expansion ProjectResources

The scope of work for RC Construction is comprehensive and mixed, containing a range of essential activities to ensure that the Sami Bitumen Expansion project is executed to the highest standard. These activities include detailed earthworks and backfill to all structures. This work is essential to guarantee the strength and durability of the foundations for all buildings and associated structures. Besides, RC Construction will undertake the vital work of supplying and installing facilities reinforcement, totalling an impressive 320 tons. Ensuring the project’s structural integrity is paramount, and RC Construction is committed to delivering this essential component effectively and to the highest standard.

Furthermore, the team at RC Construction will also install Formwork to all structures and undertake the placement of In-situ Structural Concrete, amounting to over 2100m3. These activities are fundamental to the project’s success and represent RC Construction’s commitment to delivering high-quality and attention to detail.

RC Construction’s scope of work consists of the following:

  • Detailed Earthworks and backfill to all structures
  • Supply and Installation of structures reinforcement (320 Tons)
  • Supply and Installation of Formwork to all structures
  • Placement of In-situ Structural Concrete (2100m3)

Client: Sami Bitumen

Owner: Colas

Scope: Civil & Concrete Works Package

Location: Kwinana, Western Australia